Hello, It’s Yenty here, thanks for stopping by my “About” page and get to know me. I am an Illustrator and surface designer, I provide Lettering & Illustration services for the digital, stationery, gift, home and apparel industries. 

So, I thought to put it down in writing why I love to create and illustrate:
1. Creating something new is addictive, it’s kind of like having a baby, and you are the creator. You are in control of everything, you love the process of crafting it and you have this satisfaction when the work is done. The words I use to describe this feeling is “BEAUTIFULLY PERFECT”.

2. I am searching for something that can catch my eyes and stays, something I have never seen before…hmm maybe or maybe I can try to create it and see if it will mesmerize me, the feeling that warms your heart and touches your soul, it makes you smile and brighten up because you have found it.


Other things outside of design: 
I like soy milk with my coffee.
Did I mention I love to travel?
My eyes disappear when I smile.
I work and collaborate with the right people, I am constantly learning and practice “appreciation” in every aspect of my life. 

So thank you for stopping by, whether you just want to know more about me or wondering if I am the right person to work with, I appreciate it.  

Eastern Cloud is a surface design studio run by Yenty Jap, we welcome commission & licensing opportunities.