Hello, It’s Yenty here, thanks for stopping by my “About” page and get to know me. I work as a Graphic designer, website designer and Illustrator.

I am a Chinese born Indonesian, I grew up in a multicultural environment. I spend 3 years in Malaysia and one year in New Zealand for my study and graduated with a Bachelor of Graphic design. My career started in Singapore, after working for a year, I moved back to my hometown with a plan to start my own business. Following a few trials and errors, cruising through live events and can’t stop the calling in my heart, I bought a one-way ticket and migrated to Adelaide, Australia.

I build this website for my illustration portfolio. Growing up, I wanted to be an illustrator but didn’t get to it, there are seasons in my life that I tried then I pause, thinking to give up, again and again, feeling that it’s too hard and I am not talented enough.

So, I thought to put it down in writing why I love to create and illustrate:

  1. Creating something new is addictive, it’s kind of like having a baby, and you are the creator. You are in control of everything, you love the process of crafting it and you have this satisfaction when the work is done. The words I use to describe this feeling is “BEAUTIFULLY PERFECT”.
  2. I am searching for something that I can’t find and see “yet” in my surrounding that caught my eyes and stays. So perhaps I can create it and be mesmerized by it, the feeling that warms your heart and touched your soul, you smiled and brighten up because you have found it.

I don’t know what else to do but to keep going.

Thank you for stopping by, and reading this until the end, I appreciate it.

Eastern Cloud is a surface pattern design studio run by Yenty Jap, we welcome commission & licensing opportunities.